Active Projects


We are currently working on a wide variety of residential and commercial sites across the North-East and elsewhere in the UK.

Please take a look at some of our active projects and see how they are progressing. Gain some insight into our professional approach, our attention to safety, our approach to site maintenance, the respect we have for the property and it’s neighbours, and understand first-hand some of the challenges we face and overcome on a daily basis. We are a business that cares.

Tracking an active site will allow you to see for yourself how an initial idea can be built upon and developed, turning your dream into a reality.

Coastal Site

A beautiful location, leading down to the beach, this new build site started in November with an expected completion date in the late summer.

The clients came to us for a full Design and Build service.

Through discussions with David Smailes and the commercial team we were able to facilitate their ideas, within their budget and work with them to start the first steps towards their vision.

Despite the terrible winter which challenged out timetable the build is now moving forward well and is still on time for completion. The SIPs frame is up, the roof is on, external brickwork is progressing well and the internal stud walls are in place so that the house is now fully visible in skeleton form. The kitchen is designed and ordered through huxmar


We are delighted to be involved in this remodel and refurbishment project in Amble.

The old joinery workshop has been purchased by Dry Water Arts and it is now the responsibility of Smailes Construction to transform the disused derelict building into a pioneering dementia friendly arts centre for the whole community.

The work completed has involved securing and making safe the structure of the building, including drainage and foundations and preparing suitable access for all visitors. Having completed the exterior, the interior required a complete refit and refurbishment to provide a facility that is accessible, versatile and fit for purpose without being soulless.  The finishing touches are now being completed of this first phase of the build but the owners have further plans to extend and develop the loft space to provide yet more facilities for this worthwhile cause.

Newcastle New Build

Our client purchased a rural plot of land near Newcastle which already had a building in situ but was beyond renovation. The plan was to build his own individualised home, perfectly suited to his needs. Working with MWE Architects they designed a new single storey, timber frame bungalow, and as with all Design and Build projects the client is involved with every detail, from start to finish so that the end result is exactly what he envisioned.

Smailes Construction were appointed to be the main contractor and with a designated Site Manager the preliminary building work began in April this year. Groundworks and foundations completed the SIP’s frame is now going up quickly the roof starting towards the end of the week.

Rural Northumberland site

A full Design and Build contract awarded to Smailes Construction which commenced in November 2017.

Designed by Greatspace Architects ( ) this is a contemporary bungalow development in a beautiful Northumberland village.  The clients requested a stone bungalow to fit in with the surroundings and environment whilst still being modern and forward thinking. Working closely with our team they agreed on a beautiful design which will create a property to perfectly fit their vision.

This is a visual of their finished home.

Despite a very challenging winter for construction the project is now progressing well and the SIPs frame is completely finished, the roof in place including the zinc topper rendering it now waterproof. The stonework outer is well underway, the retaining wall at the rear of the property and internal divides in place and underfloor heating is currently being installed. First fixes will start next week and very quickly the home will take shape changing from a construction site to a recognisable replication of the design visual above.


The new owner of this contemporary and functional bungalow in Warkworth met with us to discuss design and build options to make it more suited to her tastes and needs.

The old tired conservatory was removed and has been replaced with a brick extension that ties into the original roof line and has been matched to the original brickwork to appear as one building.  Plenty of windows and windows and french doors bring light and garden access to the extension creating a summer room/diner for the owner.

Adding a porch to what was a ‘faceless’ property has given it character and also offers a little more security and privacy for the owner and again has been matched to avoid any demarcation between new and old.

Internal decorations are now being carried out before the hard landscaping starts and the installation of a new huxmar all season summer house